Baku, The Monochrome Dream-Eater

Baku, The Monochrome Dream-Eater
2014/11/17 Update

Chapter 1



Miku has loved singing since she was little. She earned a magnificent victory in her audition and stepped into the world of idols. Finally, she became a top idol, but the office she belongs to has forbidden any kind of romance. Soon, Miku starts to wish that she could fall in love like a normal girl. Then, one day, she meets a mysterious boy named Len in a dream... The motif to this story is the Baku, a legendary creature that is said to 'eat dreams.' It's a comicalization of the stylish, mysterious hit song created by the popular vocaloid producer Nem!

  • Miku Amane

    A girl who loves to sing. She's been in the entertainment world since she was little, and wishes she could fall in love like a normal girl.

  • Len

    A mysterious boy who Miku met in a dream. He saved Miku when she was scared in the unknown world she had fallen into, and gently took care of her.

Assa(Manga)Tama(Character Concept)Nem(Original Concept)
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  • Chapter 1

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