The Fox's Wedding

The Fox's Wedding
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  • 2014/11/17

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Rin and Len are older sister and younger brother, siblings in a samurai family that rules in the land of Musashi. They lived there happily with their uncle, the current clan leader. Len has started to feel guilty about Rin's wooing. Then, one day, they fnd out that there have been talks with the land of Owari about Len taking part in a political marriage. Rin is against losing the man she loves, while Len accepts reality. The name of the girl who holds their fates in her hand is... Miku. This is a comicalization of a popular Japanese rock-style song created by the popular singer OSTER project and the illustrations of the popular artist Chiho!

The Fox's Wedding Characters

    • Len
    • The heir to the late former lord of the Kitagami clan, who rule in the land of Musashi. He's a handsome man whose heroic tales are well-known in neighboring lands, but his older sister Rin's attempts to woo him have been a source of worry for him.
    • Rin
    • Len's older sister, who aggressively tries to woo him. She and Len were both spirited away when they were young, and lost their childhood friend Hatsune.
    • Miku
    • The noble daughter of the Aoda clan, who rule the land of Owari. She is to marry Len in their political marriage. She looks somewhat like Len and Rin's childhood friend.

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