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Chapter 1



Rin Kagamine's childhood best friend, Shun Otonashi, transfers back to her middle school just as she's in the middle of puberty. Shun's demeanor has changed so much since they were young that Rin is confused as to how to talk to him. On the way home from his first day of school, Rin suddenly asks him why he's returned to the neighborhood. He answers, "I wanted to see you again, Rin," as a joke (?). At those words, Rin's heart begins to thunder... The long-awaited manga adaptation of the Vocalo P and Junky song with over 2.6 million views about life as a teenage girl who can't be honest with her feelings!

  • Rin Kagamine

    A totally normal girl in the second year of middle school. She's a tsundere who has trouble being honest with her feelings.

  • Len Kagamine

    Rin's younger twin brother. He's a popular mood maker in class.

  • Shun Otonashi

    A childhood friend of Rin and Len who moved far away when they were young. Suddenly, he comes back to their hometown.

Sora Yoshino(Manga)Junky(Original Work)
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  • Chapter 1

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