ComicWalker START!!

Famous titles from the past and present, and even Comic Walker originals...
Comic Walker will publish over 200 titles!!
KADOKAWA’s vast collection of titles is growing every day!
*Titles will be added one by one, starting
In addition to our artist name, work name, and magazine title indexes, as well as our text search function, you can also search via currently popular genres and Attention word.

Thanks to new techniques, we can make full-color illustrations out of manga originally printed in black-and-white!
*limited to select titles
Yoshikazu YASUHIKO

On smartphones! On tablets! On computers! Comic Walker works on multiple devices! View it on any device you own.

Published in Japanese, English, and Chinese! Not only the dialog in the manga, but also the menus and notices will appear in three languages; Comic Walker is a world-wide publication.
*Content may vary depending on selected language
*Only available for some titles

Yoshikazu YASUHIKO

■ Title Recommendation Feature!
My Magazine analyzes your browsing history to select and display recommended titles! My Magazine helps you discover new and
hard-to-find titles perfect for your tastes.
■ The Latest Information Through Your Browsing History!
My Magazine automatically tracks and compiles the titles you’ve read so far. No more searching for the content you want. When Comic Walker publishes the latest chapter of a title you’ve read before, My Magazine lets you know. Create your very own personalized magazine simply by managing your browsing history!

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